Travelling isn’t easy for vapers. You want to relax every moment spent travelling and at the same time, can’t stop worrying about the ticking time bomb of wanting a nicotine rush. Not only that, but also there would be some vape devices and e liquid with nicotine in Australia and elsewhere that you can’t just take along everywhere just like that. So, how to go about it? Let’s find out in the section below.

When in the flight
Vapers are no different passengers or travellers. They have to comply with all the rules and regulations of the airport, the flight, the home country, the destination country and the lodgings. There are certain e liquids with nicotine that may not be permitted on certain flights. To ensure that, please check with your airline. You may be allowed to take some particular vape juices and other vape accessories in your carry-on luggage. But then there’s a limit to the quantity you are allowed to carry, which again you should check with your airline. And in case you were allowed to carry, you would be required to pack all of your vape stuff including e-cigarettes, e-liquid with nicotine, vapourizers, vape pens and atomizers in a transparent bag. Do double check with your airline for any additional restrictions. And you won’t be able to vape in the plane even if you have all your vape kit beside you.

Special care for your e-cig batteries
There are some restrictions with lithium-ion batteries of your e-cig that you may want to carry on a flight. They may just be allowed in your carry-on baggage. Even so, you should not stuff them without carefully enclosing them in a case. Take proper care while you store them ensuring that nothing touches their terminal, not even another battery’s terminal. At the time of security frisking, don’t keep them or any of your e-liquids with nicotine in your pockets. You won’t be allowed to put batteries in your electronic cigarettes while on the plane.

Do your homework
See, you have to face it: Not all countries or states allow vaping. You might not be able to vape in your destination region if vaping is banned there. So, you have to prepare for it accordingly in case you have no plans to go against the law of the land. Some countries go above and beyond in imposing restrictions and may even penalize you for just keeping vape stuff. This can be a holiday spoiler for sure! Apart from that, if you have any favourite e-liquid and you have decided to vape your holidays out with that, make sure it is available in the destination region in case you are not taking it along. It would be great if you do an extensive research before you set out for your vacations with your vape device and e liquid nicotine Australian brand or any other. And if you have any vaper friend from your destination location, nothing could be better than that. Make sure you ask him or her every single thing regarding vaping.

While the above information is important, it is equally crucial to know that you can’t eliminate vaping stigma anywhere you go no matter how advanced society of that place seems to be. We hope you get the most of your vaping fun wherever you travel.

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