There are certain conditions to be followed when an arborist report is made and published. Different countries and government requires the arborists to make the reports in different ways on the basis of the difference in the needs and requirements. However there are certain patterns or methods which have to be followed for making the arborist report.  Some of those common procedure and practices of making the arborist report are given below.

cutting of trees

The individual’s details of the applicant have to be clearly stated in the report which includes the contact information. The name, address, telephone or tax, email has to be given in the report so that the authority can contact the team in a timely manner. There will be no delay in the issue of the report and further proceedings. The next important factor is the location in which the construction or building is and also where the tree is located.  

The tree specialists statements should be inclusive of all the location details of the applicant like the municipal address of the site, where the trees are located when it is related to the existing constructions and structures, the lot boundaries, the other trees near to that, the neighboring trees are considered to be the ones which are within the six meter of the site. The next crucial element of the arborist report is the species of the tree. It is very important to be noted that the species of the tree should be noted in common English name as well as scientific name. 

The pictures of the tree can also be included in the tree surgeon findings so that the good perspective of the situation which is specific is got. The size of the tree has to be clearly stated by providing the diameter in centimeters. The arborists should be very careful about the measurements since the wrong measurements can lead to wrong decisions. What kind of arboricultural work has to be done on the tree or trees has to be specifically mentioned in the report with scientific explanations.  

The kinds of arboricultural works not be done on the tree includes pruning, tree removal, root pruning, measures for protection when there are construction works going on, the silvicultural effect of the work on the tree if it is standing as a part of the woodlot, details about the slope destabilization and many more. The next important feature is the condition of the trees which have to analyzed and stated about in the arboculturalists inferences. If the tree is not in a god condition all the specific details should be given. There are certain factors through which the conditions of the tree will be analyzed.  

The arborist report is the findings of an arborist about the condition of  a tree or trees which is used to identify the condition so that the construction or building near the tree is not affected and vice versa. The important matters which have to be included in the report are condition, contact information, size, species, nature of work etc… 

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